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    Volkswagen T-CrossFall in love with the striking design of the Volkswagen T-Cross. From its eye-catching range of colours to its distinct rear with reflective strips and LED tail light clusters. The T-Cross is guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Check on the vehicles below for prices and specifications.

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    The T-Cross is one of two entrants into the small SUV market by Volkswagen, and its sales are taking off not just globally but here in Sri Lanka as well. Preferred worldwide for its high attention to detail and its smaller dimensions, the T-Cross is now gaining in popularity among buyers of small cars in Sri Lanka. The T-Cross exudes the mature-feel that is common to most Volkswagen automobiles, along with great space and versatility. In addition to these, its distinct visual appeal also sets it apart from others in the compact crossover and small SUV class.

    Its performance is stellar, and it offers great power when motoring highway stretches while proving equally compelling at low revs when getting about town. The T-Cross allows for superior ride comfort and quality, on the back of its soft suspension and neat handling. These reasons ensure the T-Cross is in high demand in Sri Lanka, as these qualities make it ideal for comfortably navigating the tough road networks linking Colombo.

    A sizable digital screen placed in front of the driver provides a number of driver functions and sat-nav capabilities. The interior of the T-Cross is neat and appealing, without entering gaudy territory by overusing plush materials and overdoing aesthetic flourishes. Although it is categorized as a small SUV, its considerable width and high-roof create a spacious interior, able to comfortably seat around 5 large adults. The T-Cross also reserves the advantage of being fuel-efficient in comparison to most of its compact crossover competitors. These factors work heavily in its favour in giving it a lead in the growing market for small SUVs in Sri Lanka.

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