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    Land Rover for saleLand Rover has come a long way from a sketch in the sand. From our people to our latest vehicles, Land Rover have pushed harder, reached higher and gone further. That will never change. For those vehicles which are yet to come.

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    Land Rover, a much-loved brand globally for its variety of models with off-road capabilities as well as their premium-quality offering, is highly popular in the four-wheel drive car market in Sri Lanka. From the iconic Defender and off-road SUV models like the Discovery, to more swanky ones such as the Range Rover,  the brand has built a name worldwide for building automobiles that combine rugged utility and luxury. It’s current partnership with another iconic British automaker, Jaguar, has further reinforced their innovative spirit in designing, developing and manufacturing world-class automobiles.

    Preferred by intrepid travelers across the world, as well as discerning drivers who wish to transfer the Land Rover’s adventure sensibilities to city roads, the British-made vehicle brand enjoys unparalleled road presence, it drives extremely well, and then there’s the inevitable status factor surrounding them. All these characteristics combine in placing the Land Rover ahead of other four-wheel drive and SUV cars in Sri Lanka.

    The luxury SUV make, marrying the best of the adventure and luxury categories, to varying degrees across each of its models and sub-brands like the Range Rover, delivers superior utility and class to rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon and the Toyota Land Cruiser. The interior of most Land Rover models is composed of decadent leather and other high-end materials, plus an array of functional electronics, driving its favorability quotient up several notches — ahead of in-class competitors like Jeep.

    In addition to its superlative exterior and interior looks, and its performance, it’s popularity is enhanced in the local market by the element of prestige they carry. Select a prestigious car dealer like autodirect.lk for a wide range of specifications on your Land Rover purchase, whether you opt to buy a brand new model or a used one, as well as the best prices island wide.