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    honda civic

    Rethought and redesigned inside and out, the Honda Civic is built to be driven, but it can be much more than that. It can be flexible and change to suit your needs and easily adapt to be what you want it to be. Check on the vehicles below for Prices | Interior and Exterior Images | Specifications and Car Reviews. Visit our car showrooms at Colombo and Kalubowila.

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    The iconic Honda Civic has undergone numerous changes in terms of both its look and the overall offering, over the years. However, its popularity worldwide hasn’t diminished and it remains an equally popular choice for buyers of Japanese-made cars in Sri Lanka. Its exterior sleekness, enhanced performance dynamics and classy interior combine to place it right at the top within the compact car class. Offered in the sedan, hatchback and coupe variations, while providing drivers worldwide with great choice the Civic also ensures increased agility, superior fuel efficiency and an upscale cabin.

    The Civic has undergone several exterior styling updates in the past few years and its current look, across each version, is incredibly attractive. Hence, the model enjoys great road presence both globally and in Colombo and some of the other major cities within the island. Its interior is spacious and the cabin displays class in its use of plush materials and a superior overall fit and finish. The technology and infotainment options on the inside are top notch and also include a number of driver aids like adaptive cruise control.

    Ranking ahead of in-class competitors like the Toyota Corolla across many of the above-listed criteria, the Civic’s performance is equally powerful. Combining swift acceleration, precise handling, and sharp steering, the Civic offers enhanced ride quality that melds both comfort and sports-like dynamics. These factors ensure its wide popularity in Sri Lanka, for both town-driving and navigating the island’s extensive road network. The Civic scores considerably high in terms of both reliability and safety and includes features such as a collision mitigation braking system and road departure mitigation.

    The Civic’s attractive price tag also lends to its favourability islandwide. Opt for an established car dealer like autodirect.lk when considering the purchase of either a brand new or a used Civic, for the best prices and greater choice in specifications.

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