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    The Japanese automaker has built a name over several decades for manufacturing well-built cars that are trustworthy and drive great. Honda is reputed as the 8th largest automobile producer worldwide and they are equally popular in Sri Lanka, as they are across the globe. Their main focus is the family car market, and they carry a range of vehicles in the sedan, small car, hatchback, estate, and crossover SUV categories. 

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    Their range is relatively limited when matched against some of their closest competitors; however, their offering is concise and clear. Their attention to quality and innovation, while ensuring high affordability, have led to their wide popularity among buyers of cars in Sri Lanka. Their bold design aesthetic, amply displayed in models such as the truly distinct Civic hatchback, have also enhanced their preferred status locally.

    From the smaller hatchback type Honda Jazz to the iconic Honda Civic sedan, the Honda brand’s mid-range pricing and low failure rates across the spectrum have ensured they are highly preferred by family car buyers in Sri Lanka. The latter ensures reduced repair occurrence when using Honda-built cars, generally a crucial factor swaying buyer confidence in their favour when motoring the testier roads of Colombo. Another important aspect of Honda’s offering that has led to their favourability island-wide is their vast experience with hybrid technology models. From the Jazz Hybrid to the Honda Insight, they’ve released numerous fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles that ideally suit the Sri Lankan car market. 

    Honda scores consistently high in reliability surveys worldwide and they’ve come to be reputed in Sri Lanka as one of the top vehicle buys over time. Whether you’re interested in a brand new car or a used one, opt for a reputed car dealer like autodirect.lk to receive the best rates island wide as well as a diverse set of specification options for your Honda purchase. 

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