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    The Mercedes-Benz car range has something to appeal to everyone. From the sporty and practical C-Class through to the luxurious S-Class and the thrilling AMG range. So whatever your lifestyle requirements, we have the car to suit your needs. Check out the vehicles below for Prices and Payment Plans, Images and Specifications for reviews, walk into our showrooms at Colombo and Kalubowila.

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    Known to set and consistently raise the bar for its German counterparts, this brand reserves a special place among owners of luxury cars in Sri Lanka. A constant in the upper echelons of Colombo for several decades now, this prestige car is still the one to beat in the local industry due to numerous reasons. The signature three-pointed star comes with the higher-than-average Benz price tag, but it delivers on all counts with their superior build quality, power, precision and safety technology, 

    Their offering is now increasingly versatile, ensuring there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a safe luxury vehicle for your family, a premium option for your business fleet, or a status car as an individual owner, Benz’s range of sedans, coupes, SUVs, and convertibles make sure each distinct need is covered. From their compact sedan C-Class range, the CLA four-door coupé, to the GLE Luxury SUV, Benz now offers an incredible selection of premium cars in Sri Lanka. 

    They have consistently maintained their promise to deliver ‘the best or nothing’, through their unrelenting focus on aspects such as innovation, design and safety. The unrivalled performance dynamics of their vehicles, enhanced by their emphasis on engineering automobiles with superior engines, transmissions, and suspensions, add much to their popularity in the local market. 

    Mercedes-Benz also has a reputation for crafting interiors in a class all their own, with their liberal use of high-quality materials and aesthetically pleasing placement of controls and driver aids. Benz’ in-cabin technology too is ahead of the curve, affording an overall driving experience that is unmatchable. 

    When considering the purchase of a Benz car, ensure that you select a reputed car dealer like autodirect.lk. This will allow you to choose from a range of specifications while receiving the most competitive rates in the country.