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    audi cars for saleAudi is one of today’s most successful luxury brands, having effectively leveraged its minimalist styling and Quattro all-wheel-drive system into a compelling image of modernity and innovation. Check out the vehicles below for vehicle prices and specification or simply walk into our showrooms at Colombo and Kalubowila

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    Audi is one of the most sought after prestige cars in Sri Lanka, and the German automaker holds a considerable portion of Sri Lanka’s luxury car market with its automobiles renowned for quality, innovation, and safety. Audi’s suitability for personal and business use alike have led to its increased popularity in the commercial capital of Colombo. 

    Internationally acclaimed as the premier brand within the vastly successful VW Group’s automobile portfolio, Audi is regarded as one of the top German car brands in Sri Lanka alongside Mercedes-Benz and BMW. It offers luxury at a more cost-effective rate than its Bavarian automobile counterparts, however. With models extending from the highly popular A3 and A4, the sportier Q2, to the crossover SUV class Q3, the brand’s extensive range and price competitiveness are the primary reasons for consumers to buy Audi when looking to purchase luxury cars in Sri Lanka.

    While often compared to their cousin Volkswagen, which enjoys significantly less presence in Sri Lanka, Audi’s exclusive nature stems from its use of specific innovative technology and premium materials. These have come to define the German brand’s superior engineering and interior, respectively. While they rank in the upper end in terms of car prices in Sri Lanka, they’re widely reputed to hold their value well. This is why an Audi is considered an investment in high-quality mobility meant for the long-run. 

    Audi scores consistently high on consumer and industry surveys covering quality, design and reliability. Audi’s use of patented technology such as Quattro all-wheel drive technology contribute heavily to the brand’s stellar reputation in driver confidence and active safety, which feature highly in their demand across Sri Lanka. 

    A car dealer with a strong industry standing like autodirect.lk allows you to pick from a selection of Audi vehicles that are brand new, as well as used or pre-owned cars, at the most competitive prices island wide.