The importance of preventative maintenance, starting with daily walk-around checks in combination with the implementation of a maintenance recording system, is crucial to keeping a fleet efficient and its vehicles roadworthy (not to mention the added benefits of minimising downtime and conditioning drivers to be, generally, more conscientious).

Vehicles roadworthy


Here are some tips that, together with an efficient maintenance system and willing driver participation, help fleets run efficiently and vehicles running longer:

1 – Know your fleet

You need the right information to have a successful fleet. You need to base your maintenance schedule on the right information, beforehand. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all procedure that suits the entire fleet: follow the manufacturer’s manual for each make and model in your fleet, and use only factory recommended parts.

2 – Keep track of your maintenance

Software like Fuel imrpove might help you here: setting up alerts systems for maintenance, also recording all interventions and servicing on your vehicles for future reference.

3 – Keep vehicles clean and tidy

It might seem inconsequential, but tidy vehicles, both inside and outside, are more reliable. If a vehicle is clean it obviously improves visibility; vehicles which are cleaned regularly are given extra checks that could spot external issues.

4 – Check tyres regularly

Tyres are generally great indicators of the state of a vehicle. Having them checked on a daily basis greatly helps in preventing breakdowns and avoiding the causes of more serious issues in the long run.

5 – Drive responsibly

Simple, but effective: if you drive a vehicle with care you will increase its longevity. Make sure you use a vehicle frequently and that it is driven responsibly, without excessive speeding or harsh braking.


Courtesy: SynX Blog